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Glass Shelving in Orlando, FL

Dining Room with Glass Shelving Unit in Casselberry, FL   

There is a way to add storage space while still making your room look bigger, and that's our glass shelving in Orlando, FL. The team at Ace Glass Service Inc. can set you up with shelves that are every bit as strong as wood or metal materials and provide you with lots of extra benefits that those two don't. Use them for your antique collections, bathroom supplies, books, or anything else your heart desires. Our glass works especially well in bathrooms because it can handle steam without getting damaged over time.

You can keep relying on us even when the installation is complete, because we offer glass shelving replacement for old and damaged shelves. As a specialized glass company, we can replace almost any glass, from windows to showers, mirrors, tabletops, and more. Though advances in technology have made glass tougher than ever, it can still be damaged, and broken glass is dangerous to be around. Let us replace it and your space will have its brightness and beauty back.

Glass Shelf Installation Provides Long-Term Protection

One of the best reasons to have us install glass shelves is to safeguard your most precious and fragile belongings, such as antiques or heirlooms. Unlike wood and metal, glass allows you and others to view items from every angle. This means visitors can see every part of your treasure without having to take it down. Even if they do remove it, they're likely to handle it more carefully. This is because despite being as strong as any other shelving material, glass gives the perception of being weaker and more delicate.

Get Creative With Custom Glass Shelves

In addition to its equal strength, glass also offers much more versatility and aesthetic potential than other types of shelves. Light can shine from below and above glass, making it possible for you to play around with fun lighting effects. This is particularly beneficial for lighting up corners that may otherwise be dark, because custom glass shelving can be cut to fit anywhere. You'll have the benefit of a brighter space without having to spend more money on electricity.

Another advantage is the floor space you'll save. Because our shelves can go anywhere and fit any space, you're spared having to buy big shelves or cupboards. Instead you can make the most of your corners and your bathroom wall. Just let us know what your vision is and we'll do our best to bring it to life.

Contact us for a quote on your shelf or replacement job. We offer both services to customers in Casselberry, Orlando, Winter Park, Windermere, and Lake Mary, Florida, and the neighboring areas.
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